07/19/2017 | Health + Wellness

Benefits of Yoga

Here at Greenhouse, we offer a variety of workshops and events for our patients, ranging from support groups to nutrition information sessions. We understand that when one is suffering from a debilitating condition, it can be difficult to get moving and stay healthy. This is one reason why we offer yoga and other wellness classes; we believe all of our patients should have access to these benefits, in addition to access to medical cannabis and related products. Yoga offers many benefits, both physical and mental, that people of all ages and sizes can take advantage of.

Physical Benefits

Yoga is great exercise, particularly for those that suffer from chronic pain. The relaxation techniques taught during yoga are able to lessen chronic pain, as well as connect the body and mind. By stretching and flexing multiple muscle groups, especially ones that may not have been used in a while, your body is able to take advantage of the following physical benefits:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved breathing
  • Weight reduction and a balanced metabolism
  • Improved cardiovascular and circulatory health
  • Increased energy
  • Protection from injury

Mental Benefits

Aside from just physical benefits, which are great, the mental benefits of yoga are extremely important. Those that suffer from chronic pain, as well as other approved conditions, may also experience mental health issues. Yoga helps create clarity and calmness, and connects your body and mind. Your overall well-being is of the utmost importance; yoga can help increase concentration, decrease stress, relax the mind, increase self-awareness, and more.

Visit Greenhouse Today

We continuously offer yoga classes at our different locations, all of which are listed on our website and on our Facebook page. Our Mokena location offers a yoga class every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00pm. If you are interested in taking advantage of these amazing benefits, RSVP and reserve your spot by emailing krowe@greenhouseil.com. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our yoga classes, and check our website for updates!

Courtesy of: American Osteopathic Association