10/23/2018 |

Can Medical Cannabis Help Lupus?

Lupus is classified as a chronic autoimmune disease with no known cure. It affects around five million people globally, with 16,000 new cases reported each year. Lupus patients typically live with chronic pain, swelling, tissue damage, and other varying symptoms depending on the individual.

The good news? Medical cannabis has emerged as a promising tool in managing this condition. Many people who suffer from the chronic symptoms of lupus are able to treat it with medical marijuana. Our Greenhouse experts want to shed some light on how medical cannabis in Glenview can help.

Reducing Inflammation and Chronic Pain

Inflammation, caused by the destruction of healthy tissue from a hyperactive immune system, is one of the main symptoms of lupus. Medical cannabis has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body for some by lowering levels of proinflammatory proteins, known as interleukin-2, and increasing levels of anti-inflammatory proteins, known as interleukin-10. On top of that, medical cannabis can potentially help alleviate other symptoms caused by the condition, such as chronic pain.

Immune System Suppression

While medical marijuana is well known as an anti-inflammatory, it has also been documented to successfully suppress parts of the immune system through the activation of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). Once activated, these cells may help to thwart hyperactivity in the immune system. As lupus is caused by an overactive immune system, this could be beneficial in the management of lupus.

Medical Cannabis Glenview

Relief of pain and inflammation are two widely recognized therapeutic qualities of medical cannabis, making this a viable option for those suffering from lupus. If you’re interested in learning more about medical cannabis near Glenview, contact the professionals at Greenhouse today. We’re here to be your resource and help you find the relief you deserve.

Courtesy of: Marijuana Doctors