01/23/2018 | Cannabis Careers

Careers in Cannabis

Job creation will always be extremely important; certain industries create more jobs and job growth than others, and it is good to know how your industry affects the job market. In the world of cannabis, job growth is the clear trend. In 2017, legal cannabis supported 149,034 Americans, whereas in 2016, 122,814 Americans were supported by careers in cannabis. This is a 22% increase in just one year; considering job growth went from 2.2 million jobs in 2016 to 2.1 million jobs in 2017, this is especially impressive.


Doing the Math

Due to the fact that the federal government does not allow the amount of cannabis jobs to be determined using the North American Industry Classification System, a method was devised to figure out how many jobs were created. Utilizing the work of cannabis economists, Leafly determined full time equivalent jobs that are supported by legal cannabis. For more information on the exact math, click here.


As legalization is determined at a state level, the jobs were determined by state. Unsurprisingly, the top three states were California, Colorado, and Washington State. California has the highest number of jobs by far, with 47,711 (Colorado is second, with 26,891). While these states saw an increase in jobs, the states with the highest jump were Florida, Hawaii, and New York State.


In the State of Illinois, there was a 42% increase in job growth; additionally, for states that have legalized medical cannabis only, Illinois is the third-largest state for the amount of cannabis-supported jobs, with Michigan and Arizona rounding out the top three.


Types of Jobs

This calculation was more than just the people who directly deal with cannabis. It takes into account anyone that is supported by the industry. Oil extractors, botanists, lawyers for cannabis companies, insurance brokers, software developers, and much, much more can all be found in the cannabis industry. With this level of job growth, creation, and opportunity, this industry continues to be lucrative, as well as helpful to millions of Americans.


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Courtesy of: Leafly