11/02/2018 | Cannabis + Caregivers

Caregivers FAQ

In honor of National Caregiver Month, Greenhouse would like to take a moment to appreciate all that caregivers do. November is a time to celebrate the contributions that friends and family members make to support the health of their loved ones.

In regard to medical cannabis, we use the term “Designated Caregiver,” for those that help patients with their registration and medication.

What is a Designated Caregiver?

A designated caregiver is someone who is selected by an eligible patient as the person who is approved to obtain, possess, dispense and aid in the management of medical marijuana on their behalf.

Why Do Patients Designate a Caregiver?

Patients may choose to designate a caregiver for a number of reasons. In many cases, like those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, patients are unable to take complete care of themselves and need a dependable caregiver to get the care they need. Getting to and from the dispensary and medicating oneself can be very difficult, especially for those struggling with certain conditions. While the needs of patients vary, caregivers work to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

Who Can Be a Designated Caregiver?

To be a designated caregiver, there are a few requirements you must meet. First and foremost, you must be at least 21 years old and have agreed to assist a patient with medical marijuana in Glenview.

For all of those who help patients with medical marijuana in Glenview, your commitment has not gone unnoticed. To learn more about caregivers or how to become one, visit this website.

Just like with other medications, caregivers help patients with medical cannabis. Caregivers do need to register with the State of Illinois as well, and our experts at Greenhouse can help you in this process!