01/09/2017 | Health + Wellness, Cannabis + Mental Health, Cannabis + Depression

Depression Medical Cannabis

Of the approved medical conditions in the State of Illinois, most of them involve physical ailments. Research has proven that medical cannabis can assist with symptoms of chemotherapy, help with tremors stemming from Parkinson’s and epilepsy, and more. However, there is less research when it comes to helping with psychological disorders, such as depression. Fortunately, as stigmas surrounding mental illnesses and the use of medical cannabis are shed, more and more research can be done.

Causes and Symptoms

Depression is a psychological disorder that globally affects around 350 million people. Though there are multiple forms, and it is an extremely complex illness, sufferers tend to experience an inability to feel happiness, and have difficulty going to work, eating, and sleeping. Depression can be caused by many factors, including abuse, genetics, loss of a loved one, major changes in your life, chronic stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and more.

What someone is feeling is just a facet of depression. Many experience a shorter temper and have difficulty making decisions. Additional symptoms include reckless behavior, weight changes, memory loss, and more.

Current and Potential Treatment

No one treatment is right for every person suffering from depression. Typically, a combination of therapy and lifestyle changes can help; some utilize antidepressants, but there are many side effects that people do not want to experience. However, treating depression is a complicated matter, so having additional options is ideal.

Though not an approved condition in the State of Illinois, research and studies completed linking medical cannabis with the treatment of depression are still available. Low doses of THC can produce serotonin and stimulate the endocannabinoid system; essentially, it can be used as an antidepressant for some. For those that suffer from depression stemming from chronic stress or anxiety, medical cannabis can be particularly helpful. Studies have been completed at McGill University, University Medical Center Utrecht, University at Buffalo, and more, that support the use of medical cannabis for those suffering from depression.

Courtesy of: Leafly