11/10/2015 | Health + Wellness

Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

In the past decade or so, the legalization of medical cannabis has become more and more prominent in the United States. Researchers and doctors continue to find health benefits stemming from use of medical marijuana. With the passing of the legalization of medical cannabis in the state of Illinois, dispensaries have begun to open, leading people with debilitating diseases to consider using medical cannabis to alleviate their symptoms.

Several conditions have been approved for the use of medical cannabis, including fibromyalgia, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and many more. There are specific medical reasons why the approved conditions are, in fact, approved. One of the most common diseases people use medical cannabis for is cancer. The American Association for Cancer Research has found that there are numerous benefits of medical cannabis in conjunction with cancer. For one, it can actually slow tumor growth, particularly in the lungs, breasts, and brain. Chemotherapy can sometimes not even achieve this!

Another reason why cancer is so often treated with medical marijuana where it is legal is that it helps with nausea. As anyone who has gone through chemotherapy will say, it can cause huge bouts of nausea, which can be alleviated with medical cannabis. Not only does it help with nausea, but some issues linked to the brain, such as epilepsy and Tourette’s, have been known to subside due to medical marijuana use. The tics involved with Tourette’s can be slowed down and the reduction of seizures is likely with medical marijuana.

Medical cannabis offers plenty of health benefits for those suffering from approved conditions. Greenhouse can be your trusted dispensary once you have received your registry identification card.