04/28/2019 | Cannabis Education

Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program

While the State of Illinois is in the middle of recreational cannabis discussions, lawmakers are also looking at the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program. The program expires in 2020 (with renewal discussions prior to expiration), but lawmakers are seeking to make it permanent, with some changes. The proposal to make the Pilot Program permanent was filed with the Clerk by Rep. Bob Morgan (D-Deerfield), and the Chief Co-Sponsors are Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy and Rep. Jim Durkin.

Medical Cannabis in Illinois

Currently, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act has a list of 41 approved conditions and other restrictions, including the doctors that can recommend medical cannabis. Even without the new proposal, Rep. Morgan is working on getting the list of conditions expanded, where conditions that were approved by the Illinois Department of Public Heath’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board would now be on the list. These conditions would include chronic pain, autism, irritable bowel syndrome, and more.

The current Pilot Program expires in summer of 2020, so it is important to Rep. Morgan that their new proposal is passed sooner rather than later in order to give patients in the State of Illinois confidence in the program.

New Proposal

A medical cannabis program will still continue on even if recreational cannabis is passed. Illinois lawmakers are looking to make this program permanent, and the proposal would be similar to the current Pilot Program, just expanded. Essentially, the proposal as it is written now would allow anyone to receive medical cannabis as long as they have any condition or symptom that a doctor says could be treated with medical cannabis.

While the new proposal will go through changes, and there is no guarantee that it will pass, it is important to note that lawmakers are looking at the current program and how it can be improved to expand conditions and to help the patients in the State of Illinois.

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Courtesy of: NPR