05/15/2019 | Health + Wellness

Medical Cannabis and Your Stutter

Though not yet approved by the state of Illinois, speech impediments can be helped through medical marijuana treatment. The science behind how the condition can be helped by medical cannabis is as follows:

Speech Impediments

While a stutter may not seem like a big deal, for those that have a severe speech impediment, it can mean loss of confidence, a decrease in school performance, and more. Children with stutters or other speech impediments often grow out of it, or see a speech pathologist to fix the issue. However, for those that continue to live with a stutter or other speech impediments, it can be detrimental to their social skills and education.

How Can Medical Cannabis Help?

In the United States alone, there are nearly three million people that suffer from a stutter. Most adults have to simply live with the stutter, as there is no cure. However, relief is possible, as medical cannabis often has a healing effect when it comes to stuttering. In the state of New York, patients have found that their stutters have all but disappeared when using medical cannabis for treatment. Scientifically speaking, this is likely because the muscles are more relaxed, meaning that there is less of a disruption to speech.

Speech impediments and stutters are actually very debilitating to those who suffer from them, particularly when they are older. It can lead to lower self-esteem, increased anxiety and frustration, and being victim to the stigmatization of society. Though not yet approved, this is one medical advance that may help those who are suffering down the road.

Courtesy of: Medical Marijuana Blog