07/28/2019 | Cannabis + Cancer, Health + Wellness

Medical Marijuana and Chemotherapy Side Effects

New research is ongoing in the field of medical cannabis, including medical cannabis and its effects on cancer. One such area of study is medical marijuana and how it can help cancer patients when they are undergoing chemotherapy. In fact, medical cannabis is approved in the State of Illinois to assist with the side-effects of chemotherapy since the beginning of the program. At Greenhouse, we have seen many patients seek symptom relief through the use of medical cannabis.

How Can It Help? 

While medical cannabis is not meant to replace chemotherapy as cancer treatment, helping with pain management from chemotherapy is important for patients. Side effects of chemotherapy include nausea, loss of appetite, back pain, and more.

Researchers have found that cannabinoids, or the active compounds in marijuana, engage your endocannabinoid system. This is extremely important knowledge for managing chemotherapy side effects, as this system is made up of many cell receptors in your body that are responsible for pain perception, metabolism, and more.

Studies have looked at how these receptors can be targeted through the use of medical cannabis. From this, scientists have found that the most common side effects of chemotherapy that can be assisted by medical cannabis include nausea and vomiting, pain, weight loss, fatigue, sleep disorders, and mood disorders.

Every person is unique, so it is important to find the right treatment plan for you. At Greenhouse, we focus on finding the solution that helps each individual patient!

How Can I Get Medical Cannabis?

In the State of Illinois, there is a specific process you or your caregiver will need to follow in order to obtain medical cannabis. You will need to get written consent from your health care provider, fill out an application to become a qualifying patient, and more. You can get more information regarding qualifications here.

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Courtesy of: Marijuana Doctors