12/21/2017 | Cannabis Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Illinois

While medical cannabis was legalized in 2013 in the State of Illinois, researchers have been studying the effects of marijuana for years now. These studies have made it possible for millions of Americans to seek pain relief in a more holistic form, often a better alternative than opioids. This year, there were certain breakthroughs across the world in terms of helping certain diseases, new types of medical cannabis that can be more effective depending on the condition, and places like Greece and Mexico legalizing medical marijuana. Learn more about 2017 breakthroughs, and visit one of our medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois to take advantage of all the benefits!

New Hope

When diagnosed with certain conditions, there is not much doctors can do; with medical cannabis, there have been breakthroughs that have given new hope to patients. One study this year looked at the effects of medical cannabis on those with a serious form of brain cancer; the results showed that patients had a longer life expectancy of six months, which could be extended as research continues. Another breakthrough comes from Canada, where researchers are studying the effects of medical cannabis for neuropathic pain in MS patients. While only done on mice currently, if it continues to be successful, neuropathic pain may be able to be reduced.

New Forms

New ways to ingest medical cannabis often means that certain conditions can be treated more effectively. For example, a company in the Netherlands developed a cannabis gum this year. This is perfect for those with IBS, as edibles can exacerbate symptoms and smoking isn’t the best either. In addition to gum, there is a transdermal patch, similar to nicotine patches, but with medical cannabis. This means that those with pain disorders, such as fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy, can have the medicine placed right on the site of pain. Lastly, a 3-D printed cannabis inhaler was developed this year, and can help to control cannabis intake, and removes the risk of smoking.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Illinois

While these breakthroughs are still new, the more research done, the better. Come to one of our four medical dispensaries in Illinois to learn more and see how we can help you!

Courtesy of: MSNL