08/28/2018 | Cannabis Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Northbrook

Illinois’ Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act is a complex legislative document with many components. To better break it down for those curious about medical marijuana in Northbrook and surrounding areas, the Greenhouse team has compiled some of our most frequently asked questions about medical marijuana restrictions in Illinois. Keep in mind that every patient is different and the laws are extremely intricate.

Can Registered Patients Grow Marijuana at Home?

No. Patients in Illinois are not permitted to grow their own medical cannabis.

Are There Purchasing Limits in Illinois?

Yes, patients are able to legally acquire 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis every 14 days.

Can I Bring My Medical Cannabis Outside of Illinois?

No. It’s illegal and punishable by law to travel outside of the state of Illinois with medical cannabis.

Can I Share My Medical Cannabis?

No, you cannot share your medical cannabis. A patient is not allowed to gift, give, or donate any type of medical cannabis products to another person.

Does My Out of State Medical Card Work in Illinois?

Unfortunately, it does not. Given that the conditions that are approved from state to state vary, as well as regulations and restrictions, only those who have undergone Illinois’ application process and been approved may buy from Illinois medical cannabis dispensaries.

Some states do accept out of state medical marijuana cards, though Illinois does not, which you can find more information about here.

Do I Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Northbrook?

Illinois has a strict list of conditions approved for medical marijuana treatment, which is accessible here. If you suffer from one of these qualifying conditions, you may be eligible to receive your patient registry card in the State of Illinois. For more information, contact the dedicated team at Greenhouse. We’re here to help!