06/13/2018 | Health + Wellness

Multiple Sclerosis and Cannabis

Every week in the United States, nearly 200 Americans are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS. This autoimmune disease is extremely debilitating, and there is no known cure. From onset, those who are diagnosed experience progressively worse symptoms, including cognitive difficulties, vision problems, fatigue, chronic pain, motor problems, and more. In the State of Illinois, Multiple Sclerosis is an approved condition for the use of medical cannabis; while this provides pain relief, other patients have found that medical cannabis has done more than just assist with their MS pain.

Causes and Treatment

Currently, there is no universal cure for Multiple Sclerosis, nor is there one known cause. Doctors have found various risk factors that may contribute to an MS diagnosis, including genetic predisposition, smoking, thyroid disease or Type 1 diabetes, and if you are female, you are twice as likely as a man to be diagnosed.

With no one treatment available, doctors have resorted to prescribing more and more painkillers and other medications to those with MS. Patients have been prescribed Percocet, Oxycontin, Ritalin, antidepressants, Valium, drugs for spasms or digestive issues, etc.; often taking these all at once.

Why Cannabis Works

Time and time again, researchers have shown the effectiveness of medical cannabis for pain relief. For those that suffer from MS, medical cannabis may help with muscle spasticity, pain, sleep disturbances, abdominal issues, mood problems, and inflammatory complications. Additionally, medical cannabis can potentially lower the amount of pain medications patients are on.

Patients are spending thousands of dollars every month on medications that may not be nearly as effective as medical cannabis. Ultimately, medical cannabis is a life-saver for many that have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

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Source: Leafly