10/14/2017 | Cannabis + Caregivers

National Caregiver Month

November is National Caregiver Month! Caregiving is one of the toughest jobs that exist, and here at Greenhouse, we appreciate all of the caregivers that are always there for our patients. Many conditions require a caregiver, from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s disease, and it is an extremely difficult position to undertake. While rewarding as well, there are some tips you should follow if you are a caregiver, both for the person you are taking care of and your own overall health and well-being.

Taking Care of Yourself

When you are taking care of someone else, your own personal overall health can take second fiddle. However, you need to focus on your health as well. Your mental and physical health needs to be a priority; eat right and exercise when you can. Additionally, take a break when you need one, accept help from others, and watch out for any signs of depression. Many caregivers get burnt out quickly, so taking the time to focus on your own health, particularly your mental health, is extremely important.

Taking Care of Others

Ultimately, you are there to take care of another person. There are some things that new caregivers do not necessarily think about when they first start. You know bedside manner, medical specifics, keeping track of their doctors appointments, and more, but little things here and there will help you be the best caregiver you can be. Find a support group of other caregivers, and know that other caregivers will have good advice. Learn how to communicate effectively with doctors, and be open to new technologies that can help you care for your loved one. New technologies come out every day, and even the simplest app can be a huge help. Lastly, there will be many documents you will have to keep track of, from legal to medical. Have an organizational system so that medical information is always up to date and easy to find, and legal documents will not get lost.

Finally: give yourself a ton of credit. Caregiving is extremely difficult, and it is a selfless job. Happy National Caregiver Month from all of us at Greenhouse!

Courtesy of: Caregiver Action