07/23/2018 | Health + Wellness

Prescription Medications and Cannabis

In the United States alone, approximately 4.45 billion prescriptions were issued in 2016, costing over 328 billion dollars. In 2018, expenditures for prescriptions are estimated to be over 360 billion dollars. Additionally, deaths caused by prescription drug overdose is more than heroin and cocaine combined; medical cannabis has zero recorded overdoses to date. As medical cannabis becomes more and more prevalent, patients are able to get the pain relief they deserve for approved conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, etc., which leads us to question; is there a potential for cannabis to replace opioids?

Problems with Pain Killers

As discussed previously, opioids can be expensive and addictive, and are a real issue in the United States. Symptoms of painkillers can include sedation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and more. One of the biggest problems with painkillers is that many develop a tolerance to the drug, leading to decreased pain relief with the same dosage, which often causes patients to take larger doses of painkillers. With a larger dose, comes a greater chance of addiction.

How Can Cannabis Help?

While cannabis instead of prescription painkillers is not common, patients have found success in using medical marijuana as a supplement, often decreasing the amount of opioids needed. While there have been cases of patients completely weaning themselves off any prescription painkillers with the use of medical cannabis, this is not guaranteed for anyone taking opioids. Many patients have multiple prescriptions, sometimes to counteract symptoms of other prescriptions; medical cannabis can ideally decrease the amount.

Come to Greenhouse Today!

Medical cannabis is not a replacement for painkillers for many, but as the opioid epidemic becomes worse, it is a viable treatment option rather than increasing the number of painkillers taken. While a patient cannot replace their prescription for painkillers with medical cannabis in the State of Illinois, if you have an approved condition, our experts at Greenhouse can help!

Courtesy of: Medical Marijuana Help