12/13/2015 | Cannabis Education

The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

As most people already know, both medical marijuana and marijuana for recreational use is legal in the states of Washington and Colorado. This has some politicians up in arms, as well as every day Americans. What most of the people who disagree with the legalization of marijuana fail to realize is there are many benefits of legalizing marijuana. They fail to see the positive impact it is having on the states that have legalized it and only see the negative. Here are a few reasons why the legalization of marijuana in Washington State is beneficial.


The legalization of cannabis has many economic benefits. Marijuana can be taxed heavily, which creates more money for the state. In Colorado and Washington they are charging a whopping 25% sales tax on marijuana. This could bring in millions of new taxes into these states. These taxes can be used to build new schools and rebuild communities. Important projects that were impossible to afford can now be taken care of due to the extra tax money coming in, which is doing wonders for the economy in Seattle and Washington State.

Medicinal Purposes

Numerous studies have shown that medical marijuana has made a big impact on individuals who are suffering from conditions such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, and various other diseases. While many states are saying “yes” to medical marijuana, such as Illinois, other states are holding back due to political pullbacks. More research is needed to fully understand the risks of medical cannabis. The benefits for patients with certain illnesses however are numerous. For example, persons with conditions such as cancer have experienced lessened nausea, tumor shrinkage, and more.

Legalizing medical marijuana in every state would make life much easier for those who could truly benefit from the medicinal qualities.

Law Enforcement

When marijuana is legal, law enforcement can spend more time focusing on bigger issues, such as hard drug use and violent crimes. Many cities are struggling financially when it comes to law enforcement and this would help them out tremendously.

There are many benefits to legalizing marijuana, with an emphasis on medical marijuana. States such as Washington and Colorado have experienced an uptick in jobs, cash flow for the state government, and much more. While the legalization of marijuana for recreational use is a hot-button topic, the use of medical marijuana ought to be legal across all fifty states.