10/27/2016 | Cannabis Education

Tips Choosing Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois, finding the right one for your needs and location is extremely important. There are a couple of considerations one needs to take into account when they are choosing their dispensary, such as health and comfort, along with location and selection. Remember that in the state of Illinois, you will need to register at the dispensary of your choice, so once you select the right one, fill out this form.

Health and Safety

As with any business that provides medicine, medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois are required by law to abide by certain health and safety regulations. In conjunction with these regulations, all the cannabis and cannabis products must be grown, stored, and handled correctly. When you walk into a dispensary, ask yourself if it is a clean environment, are the employees knowledgeable, and, most importantly, do you feel comfortable? If your answer is no, you will want to find a different location.


In the state of Illinois, you can choose whichever dispensary fits your needs. Consider where you live, where you work, parking if necessary, where you run other errands, etc. to help you determine your dispensary. You do not want one that is out of the way; while a short commute is okay, you shouldn’t have to spend an extended period of time simply driving to your dispensary.

Quality and Selection

Clearly, these two are extremely important. Even if a dispensary follows guidelines and has a great location, without the product selection you need and the quality you deserve, there is no point in going. A good medical marijuana dispensary in Illinois will provide a variety of strains and products, informational meetings, and more. Additionally, personalized attention, information about the quality of medical cannabis you are purchasing, and a competitive price point, should be readily accessible

Overall, when you decide on your dispensary, a comfortable environment in a convenient location, with great selection and quality is paramount. For more information about medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois, contact Greenhouse today!

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