01/14/2019 | Health + Wellness

Understanding Medical Marijuana as a Treatment Option

Marijuana is the name given to the dried leaves and buds of the Cannabis Sativa Plant – a plant that grows in warm, tropical areas. The leaves and buds of this plant have been used for thousands of years to treat those suffering from a wide range of illnesses and disease. While there is still much research to be done, we are beginning to utilize medical marijuana as a viable contemporary, alternative treatment option. There is a lot to understand about marijuana and its use as a modern day medical tool – including the health benefits associated with medical marijuana as a treatment option, different state regulations and laws regarding the provision of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and how to gain access to reputable dispensaries.

Health Benefits

There are a number of people who advocate for the use of marijuana in standard medical practice, while there are a number of people who are against the notion as well. Regardless of which side of the argument you most closely relate, medical marijuana is being used more and more as a treatment option because of its associated health benefits for those that are ill. Based on the current research, medical marijuana has been seen to reduce inflammation, improve immune functions, stimulate weight gain, and alleviate pain in patients who suffer from HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s Disease, Glaucoma, and a number of other debilitating illnesses. The research, thus far, suggests that the health benefits of using medical marijuana for those in need far exceed the risks.

State Regulations

It is important to understand as a current patient, prospective applicant, or caregiver, the state rules, regulations, and policies that shape the use of medical marijuana in modern day medical practice. While in the future, federal law may propose the use of medical marijuana, it is up to the states themselves to create rules and regulations. For example, in Illinois you must apply for a medical marijuana registry card, which, once you are approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health, you are eligible to purchase medical cannabis at a dispensary such as Greenhouse.

Accessing Dispensaries

Another key point in helping to understand the whole medical marijuana process is understanding what a dispensary is, how it operates, and where they are located in Illinois. Dispensaries are dictated by state – they are state licensed and state regulated. Most of the information regarding dispensaries, in terms of location and operation, can be found directly on the Illinois Department of Public Health website. Reputable, trustworthy medical marijuana dispensaries are an important part of the whole treatment process.

If you have been approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health for a medical marijuana registry card, visit us at Greenhouse.