Alzheimer’s is the most common neurogenerative disorder, and by 2050, nearly 14 million older U.S. adults will live with it. The majority of these sufferers will experience a facet of the disease called agitation.

If you have a family member or are the caregiver for someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s, you may notice how easily irritated they can get. This includes becoming upset or anxious about seemingly small incidences and getting caught up in small details, causing them to become restless, pace back and forth, or make them unable to go to sleep. Technically speaking, this is called agitation and can completely disrupt the life of your loved one’s routine. Not only will agitation affect Alzheimer’s sufferers, but it makes caregivers’ jobs significantly more difficult as well.

What Causes It?

While there are many triggers for agitation, change is often the biggest factor. Take a step back and consider the bigger picture. Has the Alzheimer’s sufferer recently moved to a new room, residence, or nursing home? Have they recently experienced a change in environment, such as traveling to a new place or being temporarily hospitalized? Misperceived threats, fear, and fatigue that result from trying to make sense out of the confusion are additional triggers for agitation. If caregiver arrangements have recently changed, this may trigger agitation as well.

Can Medical Marijuana Help the Agitation of Alzheimer’s?

Although research is still being completed, studies have found success in using medical marijuana for fighting the formation of beta-amyloid plaques, which form during the development of Alzheimer’s. Medical cannabis is a promising treatment option for stopping both the development and symptoms of the disease. Individuals have come forward stating that it has calmed the agitation their loved one has felt.

Contact Greenhouse for More Information

If you know someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, consider medical marijuana for agitation. Once the Alzheimer’s patient has a registry identification card, our professionals are happy to work with them to suggest products that are useful in treating specific symptoms.