Important info about our dispensaries during the COVID-19 outbreak

If your medical cannabis card will expire before September 30th 2020
  • Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Illinois Department of Public Health is immediately implementing a temporary process change for patients and caregivers whose cards will be expiring within the next 6 months. You will not be required to extend or renew your cards through renewal application and payment. You will receive new cards in the mail within the next few weeks which will add an additional year to the card term length. If you have already submitted a renewal application and payment, please understand that refunds are not allowed.
We've updated our hours at Deerfield, Mokena and Morris

New hours are:

  • Monday-Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 10:00 am -5:00 pm

Please check back here and on our social channels for additional updates. Stay safe & healthy!

I don’t have a medical card. Can I still shop at Greenhouse Morris?
  • Greenhouse Morris is resuming recreational sales on Tuesday, March 24.

  • Recreational customers must shop online by pre-order only. Availability will be limited, so if you cannot place an order online, please check back the following day. Rec taxes will be calculated at the time of pickup, up to 35%, so please plan accordingly.

  • To keep things running smoothly, we ask that you arrive on time during your designated pickup window.

  • For the safety of our medical patients, curbside service will remain medical-only. In addition, the first and last hour of the day will be reserved for medical patients.

What precautions are you taking to ensure the safety of patients, customers, and patient counselors?
  • We are practicing diligent hand washing on a very frequent basis. To keep our dispensaries as clean and safe as possible, we are wiping down surfaces, door handles, and other high traffic areas with disinfectants hourly. Hand sanitizer is available in multiple locations throughout our dispensaries. In addition, we have several informational flyers from the Center for Disease Control available for reference.
How can I limit my risk during a dispensary visit?
  • You can limit your contact with high traffic surfaces by downloading CanPay to use as mobile payment to avoid cash transactions; medical patients should consider relying on online menus for pre-ordering; and making your trips to your local Greenhouse dispensary during off-peak times to lower your risk of being in crowds. Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after your visit as well!
How can I keep my fellow community members safe?
  • Many of our patients and customers have compromised immune systems. Per CDC guidelines, practicing social distancing and self-quarantines if you exhibit any signs of sickness are vital steps in protecting ourselves and our neighbors. We ask that you please stay home if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are not feeling well.
Where can I get the latest updates on COVID-19’s impact on Greenhouse dispensaries?
  • Be sure to check in with our website regularly to find the latest information about how we are combating the spread of COVID-19 and when we’re taking action to keep our patients, customers, and patient counselors safe. Your local government websites are also reliable resources for updates on ways to keep yourself and your community safe.

Know Before You Go: First Time Customers

Which locations serve medical patients or recreational customers?
  • Greenhouse Morris will serve both medical patients and recreational customers, starting 1/1/2020.
  • All of our other locations (Deerfield, Litchfield and Mokena) will serve medical patients only. 
  • We’re looking forward to opening more recreational locations in Skokie and Northbrook in Spring 2020.
What should I expect on my first visit?
  • First Visits Take Time If this is your first time, prepare for your visit to take about 45 minutes. Though this may vary depending on wait time. You don’t need an appointment to visit.
  • Check For Rec Before You Visit Before you come visit, check to see if the dispensary near you is medical or recreational, or both. If it’s medical only, you’ll need an Illinois medical registry card to buy products.
  • You’ll have a guide Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do or what you want. Our highly trained and super knowledgeable Patient Counselors can help guide you through the process from start to finish. Feel free to ask any questions that come up so they can help find exactly what you need.
  • We have reading material and WiFi While you wait to see your Patient Counselor you can browse our menu online at or you can check out a whole waiting room full of reading material to help you start thinking of questions for your Counselor.
  • We have parking! There is ample parking onsite, 44 spots in total. Please do not park on Route 6.
What do I need to bring to my first visit?

Thanks for asking. You’re going to need a few things:

  • Your Questions Seriously, bring them all. Our Patient Counselors will be happy to answer them all and help you find exactly what you need.
  • Valid Photo ID Make sure you have valid photo ID with proof of age (driver’s license, state issued ID, passport, and military ID card will all work for us.) If your ID doesn’t have your address, then you’ll need to bring proof of address to access the higher purchase limits for Illinois residents.
    • We accept the following valid IDs:
      • A valid driver's license from any US state

      • A valid ID from any US state

      • A valid US Passport

      • A valid US Military ID

      • Any valid picture ID issued by a government entity within the US

    • We do not accept the following IDs:

      • Expired driver's license/ID from any US state

      • Any international passports

      • Green Cards

      • TVDLs Cards

      • FOID Cards

      • Any driver's license/ID card from any US state with a hole punch

  • Illinois Medical Card if you have one - If you’re an Illinois medical patient with a registry card, you’ll need that to receive your medical cardholder benefits. Sorry, but we don’t accept out of state medical registry cards.
  • A friend As long as they have everything listed above, they’re welcome to come in too. If not, they’ll have to hang out in the waiting room while you’re with your Patient Counselor.

Buying Cannabis At Our Dispensaries

What forms of payment are accepted?

Right now, at Deerfield, Litchfield, Morris and Mokena we’re cash only or you can use the CanPay app. So no credit cards, no debit cards, and no checks. But don’t worry, all of our dispensaries have an ATM on premises so even if you forget to bring cash, you’re covered. 

Can I put in my order before I get there?

If you’re a medical patient or recreational customer, you can pre-order online before you visit, and pickup the same day at the dispensary you ordered from. Please visit individual menu pages for Deerfield, Litchfield, Mokena and Morris to browse our inventory. 

Have more questions about how to pre-order? We created a video to walk you through the process. Watch it by clicking below.


How much will legal cannabis cost?

The list price for all our products will be the same for recreational customers and medical patients. However, Medical patients pay a 2.25% sales tax and recreational customers will be subject to a 10-28.5% sales tax, depending on the concentration of THC in the cannabis product and local taxes. Exact list prices will vary depending on the brand, product, and dispensary, but you can see the most current product pricing in our Greenhouse Dispensaries on our menu pages.

How much cannabis can I purchase during each business day?

Your purchase limits depend on whether you’re an Illinois resident or not. Illinois residents can purchase up to: 

  • 30 grams (1 oz) of plant material 
  • edibles totaling no more than 500mg THC 
  • 5 grams of concentrate products

Non-Illinois residents can purchase up to: 

  • 15 grams (1/2 oz) plant material 
  • no more than 250mg THC in edibles 
  • no more than 2.5 grams of concentrate product

If you have questions about the total weight or THC content of your purchase, just ask your Patient Counselor.

Can you deliver?

Not yet. The State of Illinois doesn’t allow the delivery of cannabis to your home. You can preorder online and pick up your order on the same day. Please visit individual menu pages for Deerfield, Litchfield, Mokena and Morris to get started.

Medical vs Recreational

What’s the difference between being a medical patient and a recreational customer at Greenhouse?

We treat everyone like guests in our home. Medical patients and recreational customers will both have access to our products and our helpful Patient Counselors. But there are a few benefits to being a medical cardholder: Medical patients pay a minimal sales tax, have access to a medical-patient-only stock of cannabis products, and can grow five of their own plants. 

If adult-use is legal now, why should I keep or get a medical card?

There are a few big benefits to keeping your medical card.

  1. You Save Money Medical purchases are taxed at a lower rate (2.25%) than adult-use purchased (10-28.5%). 
  2. You Can Carry More Medical cannabis card holders can purchase more per visit than recreational customers.
  3. Your Product is Prioritized We’ve set aside a portion of all our products and that specially marked supply is only available to our medical patients. 
  4. You Can Grow Your Own. Medical cardholders can grow up to five plants for personal use.
  5. You Can Preorder Medical patients can preorder and pickup at their dispensary the same day. Visit individual menu pages for Deerfield, Litchfield, Mokena and Morris to browse our inventory. 
  6. You avoid the recreational rush at medical only dispensaries

If you’re a medical cardholder, you can buy cannabis at medical only dispensaries and avoid the rush of new customers in the new year.

How do I get a medical card?

In order to become a medical marijuana patient in Illinois, you need to be at least 18 years old and a resident of Illinois at the time of your application and during your participation in the Medical Cannabis Program. The first step is to obtain a signed certification from a qualified physician that you have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying debilitating medical conditions. After that, you’ll need to submit an application to the Illinois Department of Public Health and pay the associated fees for Patient Registry. 

You can now apply online! Please note, patients cannot apply for the one or two year card online, only the three year card.

On-line Application Form

Note: When submitting your online application you must select the dispensary you would like your med card to be associated with. You may change this at any time. When selecting you will be asked to provide the registration number associated with the dispensary. The Greenhouse registration numbers are as follows:

  • Deerfield - 33
  • Litchfield - 18
  • Mokena - 29
  • Morris - 25

For more information, you can visit the Illinois Department of Public Health website or call them at 1-855-636-3688.

Did the cost of my medical cannabis products change?

If you’ve been a medical patient with Greenhouse, you’ve seen product pricing with tax included. But starting on 1/1, the state of Illinois requires that we separate taxes from the cost of our products. So on 1/1, it might look like your products cost less, but that’s because we’re separating the 2.25% tax from the product price.

What Else Should I Know?

Where can I consume my products?

You can consume in the comfort of your own home unless it’s prohibited by your landlord. It’s also possible that you can consume inside a licensed cannabis business depending on the local municipality. When in doubt, ask your Patient Counselor.

Can I have cannabis in my car?

Good news, as of January 1, 2020 if you’re 21 or older, you can possess cannabis for personal use in your vehicle while you’re in the state of Illinois. The total amount must not exceed the possession limit (see above), the cannabis must be in a reasonably secured, sealed container, and it must be inaccessible while the vehicle is moving. And friendly reminder, driving under the influence of cannabis and the transportation of cannabis or cannabis products across state lines is prohibited.

What’s a Patient Counselor?

A Patient Counselor is a professional cannabis dispensary worker who is highly knowledgeable and trained in the effects and benefits of cannabis. The more you tell them, the more they can help, so let them know what you’re looking for and ask any question that pops in your head. They’re here to help you learn and get the most from your experience.

What if my question wasn’t on this list?

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, you can reach out to us anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.